our expertise

Cosmetris provides both routine and specific services, maintaining complete confidentiality in respect of your projects. Whether you are an R&D laboratory, an SMB, a major group in the skincare, dermo-pharmaceutical or chemical industry, a manufacturer or a distributor, Cosmetris will support you in the key stages of the life cycle of your ingredients, or your finished sun protection or daily photoprotection products.

Our commitments include preliminary guidance, responsiveness in managing your project and, if necessary, further assistance on completion of the study to finalise your request.

Our experience has been accumulated through evaluating thousands of products, providing us with the necessary expertise to offer you the most appropriate tests for your formulae, based on their composition and galenic formulation.

The regulation of sun protection products, in terms of the tests required for marketing and the labelling rules, varies by country.

Cosmetris will support you in correctly compiling the efficacy report that is essential to bringing your products to market.


Cosmetris can play an important role and work with you in the following key phases in the life cycle of your products


  • Support to the formulation : SPF / UVA Protection Factor screening tests for your raw materials, simplex formulations, formulas in optimization process


  • Regulatory UVA testing
  • Additional supporting arguments (Photostability)
  • Partial reformulations: assessment of the potential impact of minor changes on UV protection ability


  • Validation of manufacturing by comparing batches


  • Compiling the efficacy report


  • Monitoring the continued performance of your products over time