Cosmetris was founded in 2009 and is managed by Biochemist Martine Jolimay-Cotgrove, who spent 15 years with a large international cosmetic group, gaining significant experience in the field of efficacy testing for sunscreens and skincare products.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our easily accessible laboratory in Annecy town centre, a short walk from the TGV station and 45 km from Geneva airport.

ISO 9001:2015 certified since January 2018, Cosmetris is committed to complying with the requirements of its QMS and to improving the efficiency of this system on an ongoing basis.
Our main quality objectives for 2019-2020 are:

  • To continue to participate actively in the campaigns and inter-laboratory comparison testing meetings organised by BIPEA[*], the body responsible for assessing the efficiency of laboratory tests.
  • To optimise our cost management so that we can offer the most favourable rates to our customers

[*] BIPEA (Provider of Proficiency Testing Programs, www.bipea.org) whose mission is to evaluate the accuracy of laboratories by testing their results in order to ensure efficiency and performance. Cosmetris, since 2011, has successfully participated in all of the BIPEA inter-laboratory Proficiency Testing Programs for in vitro sun products which were once created in 2011 (PTS "64-Sunscreen Products in vitro UVAPF).



We will provide you with our proposal for managing your study, with time-frames and costing, within 48 hours.

You will receive the results of your studies within an average of 10 working days of their start date.

If your request is very urgent, you can receive your results by phone or email on the final day of the study.

If you need to complete your report as a matter of priority, we can send the reports within 3 working days of completion of the study.


The reproducibility of the results of in vitro testing relies on very precise application of the tests. With our qualified, extremely experienced staff, we rate very highly for this vital technical requirement.

Support and assistance

Communications / Publications

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