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Our range of tests is designed to meet the challenges of the various stages of your products’ life cycles.

COSMETRIS will support you from the screening phase to the marketing of your product range:

  • Support with formulation
  • Assessing the impact of minor changes to your formulations, without the need to repeat the whole efficacy report
  • Validation of manufacturing by comparing batches
  • Compiling the efficacy report
  • Monitoring the continued performance of your products over time

For the efficacy report, our solutions cover the majority of the constraints related to the geographical areas in which you plan to market your products. Cosmetris is the expert who works alongside you, advising you on the tests required to bring your products to market.

Regulatory testing: compiling the efficacy report

1 – Official methods: UVA protection factor and critical wavelength λc:

– λc ISO 24443 [2.33]
– UVA-PF + λc ISO 24443 [2.36]
– UVA-PF + λc ISO 24443 + photostability* [2.37]

– Broad spectrum FDA 2011 [2.34]

– Broad spectrum AS/NZS 2604 [2.83]
– UVA-PF + broad spectrum AS/NZS 2604 [2.86]
– UVA-PF + broad spectrum AS/NZS 2604 + photostability* [2.87]

– λc COLIPA 2011 [2.30]
– UVAPF + λc COLIPA 2011 [2.31]
– UVAPF COLIPA 2011 + Photostability* [2.32]

*An unofficial parameter providing an additional supporting argument

2 – BOOTS Star Rating System 2011, UVA/UVB for the UK, UVA:UVB ratios according to the Boots method

3 – Studies providing an additional supporting argument:

Full pack in vitro/in vivo testing: Worldwide tests

We can adapt to the regulations in force in the relevant geographical areas, using all possible combinations of:

In vivo SPF according to ISO 24444:2010 or according to FDA Final rule 2011, combined with in vitro UVA ISO 24443:2012, Broad spectrum FDA Final rule 2011, or BOOTS Star Rating System 2011

*In collaboration with our partner IDEA Clinic for in vivo – Cost estimate on request

Testing to support formulation: formulation screening and optimisation (without pre-irradiation)

Spectral comparison [2.50]